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Both my sister and I received the red and white tulip gardens. We're looking forward to seeing them in all their splendor! Just received an email of your new Spring line - beautiful!! Thank you for your personal customer service.

Salem, MA

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Planting and Care Guide: Potted Tulips

Living Gardens Tulips

Growing Instructions for Our Potted Tulips

We have done all of the work and preparation needed for our pre-rooted gardens to grow and bloom successfully. Simply water well upon arrival and within the next couple of days the exposed bulb shoots will turn green and your garden will begin to grow. In two to four weeks you will be enjoying a fabulous pot of tulips.

When your potted bulb garden arrives simply water well and place in a bright location. If kept in a cool room (40 to 60 degrees is ideal) the garden will stay shorter and bloom a little slower. Keep the garden moist but not saturated. Remove the flowers as they fade.

After Care

Although we do not guarantee any of our bulbs to bloom again the following year it is sometimes fun to try.

Forcing bulbs indoors depletes a great deal of their energy so the second year the bulbs might not bloom or they could be very small. If you would like to save the bulbs, keep the pot in a sunny location and continue to water. Do not cut the foliage off. After the danger of frost has past the bulbs can be planted outdoors. We recommend digging a hole six or seven inches deep, placing the entire garden in the ground, then cover with soil and water well.