Living Gardens Quality

Living Gardens has been supplying the catalog and web industry as wholesalers for over 25 years. Our mission has always been to offer quality products not otherwise available to the mass market. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. Living Gardens is proud to employ an independent bulb inspector in Holland who has spent his entire life in the bulb industry. His careful eye is just the first step of our quality assurance program.

While it is true that Hyacinth Jan Bos has been offered to the public for 100 years, look at these results! This grade of bulb is nowhere to be seen in mail-order catalogs and certainly not in any chain stores.

While bulb grade or size is important, sourcing bulbs from specific farms worldwide is the key to great customer results. Sourcing from bulb farms with specific soil types is not a concern for mass markets, but Living Gardens takes this factor very seriously. In addition, there are certain bulb varieties that need careful handling prior to export. We go the extra mile working with farmers, inspectors and exporters to ensure outstanding results.


Why you should buy flower bulbs from Living Gardens

The best value in our class

Top class gets top results! For the past quarter century we have thrived by consistently sourcing the very best product, from the very best sources, in our potted bulb garden specialties. It makes sense to offer you the same standard of quality to plant in your gardens. We put the axioms ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘do it right the first time’ into practice every day.

Quality Control

To ensures all bulbs are firm and of impeccable quality, we hand select your bulbs the day they’re potted or shipped from our New Hampshire facility.


What we describe and picture on our website is what you will receive. Other [mass market] bulb catalogs and websites continue to show enhanced colors that do not exist within certain groups of bulbs. Our images have not been altered to give you false hopes regarding the color or size of bulbs and blooms.

Our Sources Directly to You

You can purchase from Living Gardens with the assurance of exactly where our flower bulbs come from. Other bulb catalogs may try to lure you with claims of a personal connection to their growers or promises of hand selected bulbs. In actuality, it is commonplace for those catalog companies to buy most of the bulbs they offer from auction houses where cost is the only consideration.

Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you receive, we will refund the cost of the product or replace it, whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that replacing might only be possible in the following growing season. Flower bulbs, like many other garden plants, may develop issues due to the pests in your area. Please do not ask for refunds because deer have grazed in your garden or underground critters have gone unchecked throughout the winter. We are an honest company hopeful for an honest world. Our bulbs are true to name and size [grade]. By sourcing from specific growers the chance for variety mix-ups or substitutes is minimized. The bulbs you select come from the specific farm indicated. We will never supply bulbs to you from unfamiliar origins.