Spring Jubilee

Spring Jubilee


A Living Gardens® exclusive offer!

Mix & Match 6" Potted Bulbs

Specially Priced to Welcome SPRING!

ABOUT OUR SPRING JUBILEE - We are offering a vast selection of potted bulbs for your enjoyment. Planted generously in 6” grow pots the bulbs are fully rooted and ready to bloom. Our planting department was informed “do not count how many bulbs that are being planted into each pot, just fit in as many as you can”!

Enjoy in your home or plant them in your window boxes, patio urns or garden.

HOW DOES THE SPRING JUBILEE WORK? - Just let us know what bulb types you prefer and we will select the best of the best. Although we boast that all of our pots of bulbs are of excellent quality, our trained eyes can see the pots that appear more robust in our growing chambers. Just indicate which you prefer among the tulips, hyacinths or narcissus and we will put something special together for you. All four pots will be different varieties. If you choose all hyacinths, for example, we will send four different named varieties of hyacinths.


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