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Amaryllis Trio from South Africa

November's Featured Garden of the month. This trio is planted in a square embossed metal cachepot 9” wide and 6” tall. All three varieties, Merry Christmas [red], Carnival [striped] and Alfresco [white], are from the southern hemisphere which means you can expect blooms in about 4-5 weeks. The bulbs will produce 1-2 stems each and a profusion of blossoms.

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Living Gardens

The Living Gardens Difference

This picture shows what a typical pot of our pre-rooted bulb specialties will look like when it arrives to you. What you can’t see under the soil, and what sets us apart from the others, is that we do not grow mass market quality bulbs. Their bulbs are smaller and are very common varieties that are often purchased with no knowledge of the source. Living Gardens knows the growers worldwide and brings you bigger, better quality and unique varieties for the best results. Striving to beat the customers’ expectations has been our philosophy for 25 years.

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"The amaryllis I received as a gift from a friend was the most amazing I have ever grown!"

Westminster, VT

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Daffodil ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ is named after the renowned British Prime Minister, who inspired the world to oppose Nazi aggression in World War II. Churchill was a great author and orator, earning the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature. He was also a fine painter and bricklayer.

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