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When you receive your pre-rooted bulb garden from Living Gardens, you’ll typically see emerging sprout tips like those pictured here. What is not immediately evident is the premium quality and size of the bulbs beneath the soil. Unlike others who procure mass market quality bulbs from auction houses, Living Gardens works closely with reputable growers worldwide to bring you larger bulbs of higher quality and more unique varieties to achieve outstanding results. Striving to beat customers’ expectations has been our mission for over 25 years.

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What Are Waxed Amaryllis?

Easy-care or wasteful?  Foolish or fool-proof? Amaryllis bulbs, planters and kits have been a staple of the holidays and indoor winter growing for many years. Recently we’ve seen a new addition to the marketplace: waxed amaryllis. Waxed amaryllis bulbs have been a big hit in Europe for several seasons. These self-contained bulbs are coated with a decorative layer of wax, usually with a wire stand embedded in the base for stability. All the energy necessary for the amaryllis to bloom is stored in the bulb with no need for potting, watering or staking. Of course, this also means that your bulb will bloom only once since there are no roots to recharge the bulb.

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